To comply with the MCA guidelines and MGN notice 599, everyone who wishes to dive off Scavenger dive boat must read and accept the following information. Failure to complete this will stop you being able to dive off the boat.

As a member you can dive off Scavenger as often as you like. As a guest you are only able to dive off her six occasions in a year without becoming a member (so that would be six days worth of diving).

Medical Questions (please read the questions and choose one or the other options at the end);

  • Have you ever suffered at any time from diseases of the heart and circulation including high blood pressure (or taking tablets for high blood pressure), angina, chest pains or palpitations?
  • Have you ever had chest or heart surgery?
  • Have you ever had significant bleeding or blood disorders?
  • Have you ever suffered from asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease or ever used an inhaler?
  • Have you ever had collapsed lung, pneumothorax or other lung injury?
  • Have you ever had any other problem affecting the lungs, suspected or known COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Have you ever suffered from blackouts, fainting or recurrent dizziness?
  • Have you ever had abdominal surgery, Ileostomy, colostomy or repair of a hiatus hernia?
  • Have you ever had epilepsy or fits?
  • Have you ever had recurrent migraines?
  • Have you ever had any other disease of the brain or nervous system (including strokes or multiple sclerosis)?
  • Have you had back or spinal surgery or any serious back problems?
  • Have you ever had psychological illness of any kind, fear of small spaces, suicidal thoughts or panic attacks?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Have you ever had cancer, malignant disease or a tumour?
  • Have you ever had a requirement for any prescribed medication (except the contraceptive pill)?
  • Have you ever had, or been treated for, decompression illness, immersion induced pulmonary oedema or other diving related problem??
  • Have you had regular ear problems in the past ten years?
  • Have you had a head injury with loss of consciousness in the past 5 years?
  • Have you had any problem with alcohol or drug abuse in the last five years?
  • Have you ever been refused a diving medical certificate or life insurance or been offered special terms?
  • Are you currently receiving medical care or have you consulted a doctor in the last year other than for mild self limiting illnesses that have completely resolved? (Please discuss any symptoms of the upper or lower respiratory tract including Covid19 with a UKDMC Medical Referee).
  • Are you concerned about any other medical issue that has not been covered by the questions on this page?


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