How do I become a member of the club?

To dive off Scavenger you need to be a club member. Please complete this form to join.

Who owns Scavenger Dive Boat?

Scavenger Dive Boat Club is a BSAC club registered with BSAC and operating as branch number; B2607.

Scavenger Dive Boat itself is owned by the club and managed by an elected committee.

I haven’t dived in the UK before but can I still dive from your boat?

If you haven’t dived in the UK before, we do not recommend you dive off the boat without doing two shore dives, to get some experience in UK diving, as well as doing a buoyancy check first.

Do you offer Diver Training?

As a club, we offer diver training in line with BSAC diver training syllabus and Skill development courses. For more information please follow go to our training page.

Can I hire dive kit?

If you have to hire dive kit, apart from just a cylinder, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

What is available on board?

We have water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and Soup available, sometimes we have biscuits and/or cake.

Where are we diving?

We decide on the day, based on the weather and tides. This means we rarely miss a dive. If you have a preference, please ask.

Do you offer a dive guide?

Due to legislation in the U.K., this is not straight forward. Under the HSE diving at work regs, a guide needs a safety diver. The boat is a club boat and is therefore not coded for work. As such we do not offer a dive guide. However, more experienced members of the club are happy to dive with you and show you around as a dive buddy if you ask them.

Can I have a buddy?

There is normally someone within the club to buddy up with, just ask around via the club group chat.

Can I dive solo?

That is your choice, as long as you believe you are experienced enough or qualified to dive solo, we have no issue. For additional SDI Solo Diver course training outside of the club please contact Mark Lewis Adventures.

How long can I stay down for?

We have a maximum recommended dive time of 60 minutes per dive.

What do I do when I get to Milford Haven?

  • Head to Mackerel Quay at the south end of the Marina (SA73 3AF)
  • Park near the marina’s lock end of the car park, near the helipad marking
  • Sort your kit out and preassemble it
  • Drop your dive kit onto the Mackeral Quay Stage.
  • The boat will come alongside approximately 15 minutes prior to ropes-off time. Once it comes alongside, follow the crews instruction as in where to place your kit.
  • Please only bring what you need for the day and not loads of excessive equipment as this can get damaged or broken.
  • There are public toilets at the Helipad location, behind the Scoop ice cream parlour.

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